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Veste textile de voyage 1.0

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      Veste textile de voyage 1.0

      ID Commande 200689
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      Veste textile de voyage Pharao 1.0

      Confort & équipement :

      • Tissu résistant aux endroits très sollicités
      • 100% étanche, coupe-vent et perméable à l’air grâce à la membrane isolante POLO-Tex®
      • Système de ventilation membrane MVS-1
      • Veste thermique amovible
      • Zip de raccord
      • Couture de qualité conforme à la norme DIN ISO 4916

      Protections :

      • Épaulières et coudières, système conforme à la norme EN 1621-1, réglables individuellement
      • Poche pour protection dorsale, équipement optionnel

      Matière/matériau :

      • Dessus : 100% polyamide
      • Doublure : 100% polyester

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      Revue par I. - R.
      Bin sehr zufrieden mit dieser Jacke. Genug Taschen, sitzt gut, Winddicht oder auch nicht, wenn man es wünscht. (Posté le 14/07/2016)

      Great value for money

      Revue par Florin
      Hi all,
      I am a daily motorcycle driver, I try to drive my Honda NC750XD as often as possible, especially that I need to comute to work every day about 150km (back and forth), there fore I need moto-clothes that are practical, protective but also comfortable.

      I've been using an old textil jacket for about 2 years now and recently I decided to chenge that and I've been searching for a while must say :)

      Now, I own this jacket for about a month, I've been driving it troug sunny and rainy days and the protection and comfort was always very good:
      - wind was never a problem with this jacket
      - wather impregnates a little in the jacket itself but I was completely dry (I drove about 20min in strong/hevy torrential rain)
      - it's flexible, although it give the feeling of an armour
      - very handy pockets and I like that the pockets that are not fully wather proof are indicated with a labell (so that you know how to deposit your sftuff in respect to rain) and even so I had in a front chest pocket my smartphone during the 20min heavy rain and it was all the time dry (maybe if you drive longer in rain)
      - seems to breathe pretty good, I am a sweety kind of person and that is important for me, but I have to further tests it in warmer conditions to see really how it behaves (April was not that warm)
      - it also has fron side ventilation zippers and a big back sholder-to-sholder ventilation zipper

      As a conclusion, I would really recommend this jacket to some one that uses the motorcyle on a daily basis for protection and comfort, it is not a fancy super cool-isch jacket, it is just reliable and delivery a lot of value for the money.

      Have a safe drive,
      Florin. (Posté le 27/04/2016)
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